Frontispiece Portraits of UB and his family [Chronik, frontispiece and p 403]

1 Landsgemeind in Glarus [Schib]

2 UB's birthplace at Näbis. Own photo by MCB 1969 [This and Dreyschlatt also noted as being included by Voellmy - could this be error for Chronik? ... ]

3 Dreyschlatt. Pictured in Zürich university thesis by Rolf Meier: Bäuerliche Siedlungs-und Hausformen im Toggenburg 1969. See also Chronik p 140 but this late date - "before 1889" and small in size

4 UB herds goats. Schiel edition, between pp 48-49 MCB's own copy

5 Prussian soldiers run the gauntlet, D Chadowiecki. In Cobban et al. The 18th century, Thames and Hudson 1969.

6 The battle of Lobositz. P.P. Benazeh ditto Cobban

7 UB's wedding as imagined by Friess, fresco painting. MCB has copy of reproduction in "Die Fresken".

8 UB's house at Wattwil [Chronik p 386]. Dated 1794, placed at Dec 1792

9 Portrait of Lavater [Reynold]

10 Zürich, view from the Sword inn 1781 [Chronik p 216 ] - 1782 Small picture - combine with p 260 St. Gallen c1790?

11 Portrait of Füssli [Chronik p 328]. Small picture not dated, placed 1788 - combine with picture of Wädenswil, p 355, not dated but placed 1789

12 Fierce French soldiers [Glover]

13 Portrait of Daniel Girtanner [Chronik p 383] not dated, placed June 1792. Small picture - combine with portrait of Karl Müller-Friedberg [Chronik p 394] dated 1801 placed at May 1793

14 Public baths at Baden [Chronik p 400] 1780, placed Oct 1793. Combine with late portrait of UB Chronik p 469, shows signs of last illness.

15 Plunder of Swiss treasury, 1798 [Schib]

16 Willy Fries' illustration "Frei!" in "Der arme Mann" - MCB's own copy

The Chronik has 3 pull-out maps, including one of UB's travels in Sw and an inset of his homeland in the TBG. Perhaps also needed are maps of his journey from home to Berlin, Prague and home again. This would increase illustrations to 20 pages, Or could maps be used as endpapers, leaving one odd page for a list of weights and coinage?