and physical characteristics of the regions of Switzerland, but it also recorded known individuals. [Voellmy, v 2 p 386]

He also writes to Dr. Ebel, thanking him for a copy of his "Anleitung auf die nützlichste und genussvollste Art in der Schweiz zu reisen, 1 Teil [Guide to the most useful and enjoyable way of travelling in Switzerland, part 1]". (Voellmy [v 2 p 31] quotes a letter from Ebel to Füssli asking that Bräker should be sent a bound copy, at Ebel's expense.) He does not feel that he can make any corrections in it, but "I will see to it that this good book is generally known here - and if at any later time any mistakes or deficiencies are pointed out to me I will inform you of them". [Chronik, p 402]

26th Nov. Bräker meets Girtanner at a meeting of the Literary Society and over supper at his house discusses matters of public and domestic interest until ten at night. [Chronik, p 404]